Grade 6



Home is great,
Home is grand,
Home is the place you learned to stand.
You learned to crawl,
You sometimes cried,
You hope you live there till you die.
Your home might be small,
Your home might be big,
Sometimes you just have to live where you live.
In your home people love,
In your home people live,
Sometimes in your home people will give.
Where you laugh,
Where you rest,
Of all the places you would choose home is the best.
You can play at the park,
You can play outside,
But all the while you think of home and how you want to be inside.
Sometimes you happy,
Sometimes you sad,
Sometimes you think all you do is bad.
In your home it can be crazy,
In your home siblings will shove,
But there is nowhere else you can go to find so much love.
In your home your family might split,
In your home you might have a fit,
But you never feel hate, not even a bit.
Some people have no home,
That makes me sad,
I wish I could provide them with as much as I have.
Half of your life is being at home,
It gives you so many places to roam.
You love your life,
You love your home,
Happiness, Laughter, Support, and Family,