Grade 6

New Brunswick


When I get home from an extremely tiring day at school, I scurry up the creaky stairs, sprint down the wide hallway and jump on top of my relaxing bed. I let the warm, fuzzy blankets cover me from the highest tip of the highest strand of hair, to the very lowest part of my pinky toe. Home is one of my favorite places. In a quick forty-five minutes, my loud family gets home. My two extremely annoying brothers bust open the front door and yank open the fridge door. The quietness definitely doesn’t last very long!
As soon as my busy family comes in the front door, I go out. I hop on my huge new bike and head to my friend’s tiny house. I knock very loudly on their door: BANG BANG BANG. She pulls open her front door. “I’ll get my bike”, she says very fast. I wait for her on her steep driveway while the beaming sun starts to smear all over me. Her slow garage door opens. My friend slowly starts to pedal away and I follow behind. The sun is slowly killing us as we race to my other friends’ house. Once we get there, we throw our dirty bikes on the tiny lawn and run up to the skinny porch and punch the loud doorbell.
She opens the creaky front door and as soon as she saw us, she sprinted out the door, slamming it behind her. We followed, chasing her into her HUGE backyard and jump into her bouncy trampoline and start to flip around. Once it starts to get dark, my mom demands that I get home and do boring homework, at my boring table, in my boring house. I have to finish my math homework, my science homework, my French homework and my English homework. (And more but I don’t want to bore you). As I step in the front door, I can smell a yummy supper about to be eaten. My heavy eyelids start to droop and my 7-year-old little brother starts to freak out
because he would do ANYTHING not to go to bed. I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But my older and more annoying brother doesn’t seem to notice because he is stretched out all over the soft couch with his loud music playing from his loud phone. Finally, once I finish, I go brush my teeth, struggle to get my p.j.’s on and hop into bed.
But when I am having one hard night, people are having an extremely difficult life. On the other hand, we might have on bad day every two weeks, every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every generation is bad for homeless people. When it is a freezing cold day outside and you have a warm and cozy home to stay in, they live in that cold. When you have a bad day and you just want to lie in your bed and let the covers cover you, homeless people don’t have a bed, or blankets. All they have is what they have on their freezing cold bodies. When you just want to relax and have a nice and hot bubble bath, on the other hand, homeless people struggle to bathe every month. I think that the world should put an end to homeless people-all people should have a home.
The main issue is that most people think that a house and a home are the exact same thing. Well, they’re not. A house is walls, a roof, a door and maybe some stairs. A HOME is a place where you can love, and be loved. A place where you are not judged, a place that you can be yourself, and a place filled with joy, laughter and peace. We definitely can’t take having a home for granted, for there are many in the world that don’t have the privilege of calling a place HOME.
By Reese Whalen