Grade 4

st. john's
Newfoundland and Labrador


A home is a heaven and a base. It’s where you, grow, sleep, and love a reassuring space. You can put your feet up and do things

Your style. You truly are yourself and always return with a smile.

It’s familiar and welcome, a life affirming place. It’s more than bricks or wood and documents or loans. Its memories and your family. That’s what makes your house your home.

In your backyard there are fun things to do. Use your imagination that’s what you have to do.

Your family is always there to support you and keep you company you will always feel comfortable and warm you will never feel lonely in your home.

I love my home because there is internet. It’s the ONLY place where I can sit back and relax and not worry about anything.

A home is where you throw you birthday parties and play. A home is were to me basically is a place were you have, fun, stay safe and share things with your family.

FYI: home is my LIFE!
By: Mohamed Ali Elkurtehi

School: St.teresa’s grade four