Grade 6



Home Home is a place of joy and of love, a place to relax with your family. It is a place to make memories,a home is where your first breath was taken. A house is much different than a home. A house is empty with no memories, no voices, no laughing, no love. A home without love is not a home at all,every home needs love, joy, hope, faith and forgiveness. Without all these ingredients your house can not be the home you want. An example is without the cement your house would be a pile of bricks,and without the roof it would just be four walls. You see without all the ingredients your house will not be successful. But some people don’t even have a home, they just eat and sleep on the street with no wall’s no roof and most of all no family. It doesn’t matter what kind of house it is, a townhouse or a mud house in Africa. No matter how big or how small your house is if you have the ingredients your house can be a wonderfully made home.

By: Ruben