Grade 6



I am a mansion in Los Angeles. I am also hut in Kenya. I can be a townhouse in England. I am a igloo in Nunavut. A boathouse in the Netherlands is what I am. I can be a yurt in Turkey. I am also an apartment in New York city. A Russian dacha is what I can be. I am a tipi in Ermineskin. I can be a bungalow in Australia. A tongkonan in Indonesia is a possibility. I am a house made of clay in greece. I am also a cape dutch in south america. A tulou in China is what I am. I can be a cottage on Prince Edward Island. I am also a ondol in Korea. A tree house in the Philippines is what I can be. I am also a house on the water in Malaysia. I can be a wooden frame house in Germany. I am a gel Mongolia. An underground house in Spain is what I am. I can be a stilt house in Tai O. Reed houses in Peru is what I am. I am a Sami house in Finland. But most of all I am a safe place where happiness lingers.



By: Ashley