Grade 6

Spruce Grove


I think that everybody should have a home. They also need a community. Home is where you feel loved. Home is where you make good memories. Home is where you go to feel good and comfortable. Home is where you feel safe and loved. Home is should help the people without a home get a home, like Habitat for Humanity is doing. They are providing houses to the people who need them, if they pay mortgage over time and help build the house for people who cannot straight up afford houses. They will have a community after this, and be able to turn the house into a home. They will be able to actually get a home, community, job, and house. This will change many people’s lives. This will change the world in a good way. Home is not always a house, and houseless people may have homes, but they may not have shelter, so they need a house. Eventually, that house may become a home to them, and they will have a community, and they will be able to get work and finally be able to afford their house, and most likely, new home. I think that this is amazing, and that houseless people can get houses, and new homes, for the price over time that they can afford everything is amazing. I think that Habitat for Humanity is doing a great thing, and that people need to do this kind of thing more often.