Grade 4



Home is a special place filled with special things. Home is always a special place to go when you are feeling scared or low. If you ever need help or love, home is all of the above. Home can be anywhere with things like people, toys, smells and sights, almost everything. When you are not at home you might feel scared or alone, but when you are at home you are flooded with feelings of love, hope and comfort. When you are at home in bed you might think of all those people that do not have a home or love or a family, maybe all they have is nothing. Think of all those thoughts they have, most of them are hopeless but maybe you can change that maybe they can have all of that hope and joy you have by giving them the love and warmth you already have. Change the world, do the right thing, help families find comfort and support. Give them friend, show them love and joy, help them find a safe home, maybe you can do other things a favor to, invite them into your home, give them a warm bed, food and water. help them think in their fuzzy head you want to help them understand there is always room for one more. let that special animal, person, family or animal get and find a home !