Grade 6



Home is a place where we can feel warmth and love of others.
Home is a place where love shall follow.
The blossoms each have a petal, each representing the memories that come from within.
Our happiest times will bloom vibrant colours,
While our saddest of times will turn dark grays.
A home to me is a place of great strength,
Strength in kindness, and caring.
Home is the Water,
The Feeding,
The Caring,
Home is the place of family, and sharing.
Home is the Heart
Your home will follow you,
In friends, In family,
There’s Nothing greater than Kindness,
So let’s show some, for the people who don’t have
The experience we do.
For the homeless, let’s show them so care, by giving them
A home, so they can share,
The Water,
The Food,
And most of all Kindness,
And as Dorothy once said,
“There’s no place like home.”