Grade 5

British Columbia



Home may feel different to you but here are the things that make me like home: having a comfortable bed to sleep in each night and a pillow to put my head on, having free time to use my toys, and a tv to watch shows and to play games on. All these objects make me feel like home.

Celebrations also makes you feel like home. Home feels like that special day once a year called your birthday. Or for those who celebrate Christmas, that really can fill your home up. These things can make you feel at home.

Safety is important too. Home feels like safety. Having people around might feel at home. Or knowing that somebody you know built your house, feels at home. But above all ,having a family around that love you feels at home.

Family looks and feels like home. Having a mom ,dad a brother and a sister all living together feels like home. My parents know good advice so I can learn at home too.
These things make me feel at home. But home is much more than a house.