Grade 4

British Columbia



Home is a place where my brother, my mom and dad and I like to spend time together. On Friday nights, we watch movies and eat home made pizza. My favourite is pepporini because I like the meat and the cheese together. At home my mom makes dinner, she is a great cook so the home smells yummy. My dad is also a good cook! We never order Chinese food, because my dad makes homemade Chinese food himself. It’s delicious!

My home is the only place where I want to be when I am not feeling well. When I am sick, my mom and dad are there for me. When we snuggle in bed and when I am home my parents are there to comfort me.

Everyday, when I come home, my dog is there to welcome me. I feel safe and happy at home. My favourite place is my room because when I go to bed my dog sleeps with me in my bed. My dog’s name is Georgie.

So many wonderful things happen in my home. That’s why I love my home.