Grade 4




Home is different to everyone, so this is home to me. After a long day, I can finally relax! I sit down on my couch and play some card games with my family. At night, I listen to an audiobook as I lie in my comfy bed. And sometimes I watch “Time Team” on TV in the basement with my fluffy white blanket covered over top of me.

I am safe at home. I don’t have to worry about the weather outside because I have a roof to cover me. And no wildlife or strangers are creeping into my room.

A home can be anything or anywhere. Like a tipi in Toronto! Or a house in Hamilton! Mine is somewhere and something just right for me!

“Home” can also mean community, like neighbours, friends, and so on. I play with my friends at school and on the weekends we’re crazy maniacs, and I wouldn’t want to leave them. So there you have it: There’s no place like home.