Grade 4



A home is nice to have. If you want to know more about what I think about home, read the rest of the paragraph. My family is there at my home and I love my family so much. I feel so happy when I’m with my family because they share stories with me and I have fun with them. Home is where I feel safe, not scared and not frightened about people trying to break in.

Nobody is really safe when they sleep or live on the streets or in a homeless shelter but I feel safe in my home because I can lock the doors and have my family to protect me but not so much my little brother. In my home, I can feel relaxed and more welcomed than other houses because I can be myself. My family is there and I can do whatever I want. I feel relaxed in my own way, I can just lay down on my bed and turn off the lights and watch TV or go to sleep.

Home is special to me but not everybody has one. I feel sorry for them.