Grade 5



Home means practically everything X 1,000,000 to me and I’ll be darned if you don’t think the same. Around 1.3 million people in Canada are in need of safe housing. So, I’ve written an essay to show what home means to me. Home is where I have fun, home is where I’m loved, and home is where I celebrate holidays.

Home is where I have fun. It is where I can play video games and watch YouTube all day and night. Home is where I can have fun outside like one of my dogs out to play. It is where my Mom and Dad feed me and talk about funny stuff. This is my home and where I have fun.

Home is where I’m loved. It is where me, my brothers, my sisters, my parents, and my grandparents love each other like a group of otters cuddling each other. Home is where I will be loved forever and where my grandparents see my family. This is where I’m loved.

Home is where I celebrate holidays like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and last but not least Christmas. I feel very, VERY bad for people who don’t have a home to celebrate in. I hope that eventually everyone in the WROLD has a home.

A home isn’t just a shelter; it is much more than just that. Whoever has a home is very lucky because just alone in Canada 1.3 million people need a home. So I want to help and give 1 out of those 1.3 million people a home with the help of Habitat for Humanity. That is why I’ve entered this competition.