Grade 5



Home to me is a place filled with happiness, kindness, hope and love.
It’s where you celebrate your birthdays and holidays with your friends and family
It’s a place where you’re lucky that you have your family
Where your parents are there
Where you have something to share
And when you’re hurt
They give you comfort
On Thanksgiving,
We eat and share our loving
On Christmas night
We eat dinner and open our presents by the bright lights
Every night
Our parents tuck us in and put on our night light
There is this sad home
In the cold winter snow
Where people live on the street
And there is nothing to eat
They wait for days
But no one wants to take them to celebrate the holidays
They are fogotten with no love and caring
They don’t have any dinner on Thanksgiving
We have the power to make them happy
By giving their empty hands some money
So they can buy food
And be in a good mood
I`m happy that I’m with my friends and family
This is home for me.