Grade 6

New Brunswick


To me, the meaning of home is a stressful day, one upon the other. It also means having a caring mom and a loving sister, and lots of delicious food on the small table. When I get home from school, I get in to my warm and cozy bed and wait for my wonderful mom to come home from her work. After that we do homework together and I usually get stressed out from all the homework. Then it’s time for bed, I get in my cozy and warm bed and I gently close my eyelids and fall asleep.

The big meaning of home is having a nice warm and cozy bed for me, a roof over my head and having lots of amazing food on the small table. Having a nice sister and a very helpful, caring, loving and hard working mom. It also means stressful days and a lot of them like every day. It’s so bad I hate it I want to like scream my head off. Sometimes it’s not bad but sometimes it is really awful.

The meaning of home to me for the poor and homeless. I think it’s really sad and I wish I could help them. I can’t help them that much because my family is not the richest in the world. We are a little bit poor too. That’s why we can’t because I’m going to end up like them. I really wish I could help them, but I need to save up for food and water so I can stay alive.

The meaning of home to me is that I would want to get someone to help me every day of my life so I can get better with time. I can’t get a wonderful person because I don’t have any money to pay them with. So I have nobody to help me until five thirty. After school I stay in the library with my friend to work on homework. We have lots of fun times together after school in the library.

I think everyone should have a warm and cozy home where they feel safe, and have a roof over their head and a warm cozy bed to sleep in. They also should have a nice big family to come home to and just love them. That person should have someone to help them. They should have someone to help them every day with everything. I’m trying to say, everyone should have a loving family to come home to.