Grade 5

British Columbia



I feel safe when I’m at home because my brother is in karate. I also feel safe when there’s energy around me so I know I’m not alone. What really makes me feel protected is that my mom’s bedroom is right around the corner. Tjos are some o fthe reasons my home is a place of security. Now I’m going to tell you about the pets in my house.

At my dad’s house I have five pets: two cats called Simba an Shadow, one lizard named Striker, one gerbil called Midnight, and finally, a fish named Goldie. Simba hisses at people when they come in the door. She keeps me safe. Shadow doesn’t do much but he’s a good snuggler! I like to watch TV with my lizard as he’s fun.

I fell loved when I’m at home because my family is there and I know they love me no matter what I do. When I’m at home I feel like no one can harm me.