Grade 6

New Brunswick


‘’Riiiiiiiiiiing!’’ goes the bell to dismiss everyone from school. On the bus I kept thinking
about how my home, about how my home is my retreat to when I am sad and to when I am mad.
I kept thinking about how lucky I am to have a safe place to be all the time, this is because…

I am finally home, the place where I can eat delicious meals and celebrate holidays and
Birthdays, the place where I can see family photos filling up our walls with love and joy. In my
home my favorite places are my small room and our dining room, because that is where I feel the
best. In my home there is always a fight or two, but that is only because we love each other and
care about each other. In my home nobody judges you for anything at all. My home is the safest
place in the world for me, but still sadly not others.

Unfortunately some people can’t go home to be safe, because of many reasons, like for
children, they might have abusive parents or their home isn’t sanitary or clean enough to live
safely in. A lot of people lose their homes because they can’t afford to pay taxes, so the
government takes their home away. It is especially sad for people who live in environments that
get SUPER cold because they could die without warmth and nobody should have to live like

Sometimes people don’t really know what having a cozy place to live is like, because
they might move a lot and never actually get to settle in and get comfy and call it home. For
example, kids in the foster system are constantly moved from place to place and from school to
school, they never get to make new friends and never can call a place home.

Therefore, I think that everybody should have a safe home, healthy food and a loving
Family to go home to. What would feel like if you weren’t wealthy enough to support your life,
family or home?