Grade 4



Home is a place where I feel safe and loved.
I have a brother to play with and parents to help me.
When I drive home from school I skip up the driveway and open the door. I smell supper cooking on the stove. I hang up my backpack and go see my pet. I hold it and feed it. During supper I talk about my day.
At Christmas, Dad puts up the Christmas tree while I help Mom carry Christmas ornaments upstairs. As a family we hang up the ornaments and we give each other ornaments for them to hang on the tree. Afterwards we would sit on the couch and sing worship songs to God. My brother and I dress warm and go outside to build a snowman. We use snow for the body, rackets for the arms, sunglasses for the eyes and a carrot for the nose. I get in the car with my family and drive to my Grandma’s house. My cousins and I say hi and run off to play. After a while we gather together, sing grace and eat a feast. There are mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, turkey and lots more. Then we all walk to the living room, hand out presents while opening and saying thank you. We all say good bye and drive back home, we empty the car and go to bed.

That is what home means to me!