Grade 4



Home to me is a fun,super,awesome place.In my home there is me,my creative mom,my fun dad,my kind sister ,our two cats Meep and Farley and our lizard Lizzy. At home I feel safe because I know that if someone was being a bully at school,I can talk to my family about it and sort it out.Also I know I have a big solid roof over my head so the weather-rain, snow,anything can’t hurt me. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be if my house got burned down or destroyed by a tornado or something like that because home is an irreplaceable space.And I know that there are a lot of fun places like Canada’s Wonderland, or Great Wolf Lodge, the Cinema, and many many more but for me home is the best place in the world! At home I have space to do homework, talk to my parents about school, goof around, play with my next door neighbour, and way more. Home is such a comfortable place like at night, I can get snuggled up in my white and pink bed and read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my Mom or watch the Toronto Blue Jays with my Dad on our TV. The bottom line is home is not just a building and not just a place. Home is where you feel welcome.