Grade 4



When I feel at home I fell happy, loved safe and warm. When I get home from school I walk up the driveway and I breathe slowly.
Then I walk to the door and I open it and smile because I know I’m safe. If I ever moved to a different house, I’d loose a lot, because I made a lot of memories at my old home. At home I read my books and discover what happens in the. There’s a song called “Jesus loves me”. When I ever sing that song it reminds me of my home. I even sing it to my stuffs and they love it. I’m also trying to play “Jesus loves me” on the recorder and I will play it all the time.
At home, I feel so proud of myself, because I made good marks on my test, and I pray about having a good day the next day and to keep everyone safe and that no one gets hurt.