Grade 5



The meaning of home is when you don’t feel alone.
It’s where you feel cozy and warm not like a worm.
When you have dinner at a dinner table not at an old stable.
It’s where you have fun not to feel glum.
I am sad to say that there are more and more people these days.
But there are people who are opening their homes for people who feel alone.
A home is where you can rest and not guess where you’re going to rest next.
Home is where you can work not lurk around.
It is where you can learn to walk and also talk.
So, if you want to know, to me a house is not a home and a home is not a house.
Home is where you make memories; happy, sad maybe even mad.
Wait, can I just say it the easier way? Every one deserves a home. Especially the people who feel alone.
You can’t make memories at a house it’s not right.
Now let everybody shine in the light.