Grade 6



Don‘t think I don’t see your walking right by me,
Don’t think i’m pretending to starve for your money,
I’m just a normal person you see,
just hoping for someone to notice me.

I do this for my family,
I do this for myself,
How I wish it was all a fantasy,
All i need is help.

Please don’t feel sorry for me,
All i need is hope,
Love and smiles is the key,
But for now i’ll just sit and mope.

Some of us are rich and wealthy,
But some of us who have less,
Their are some that are healthy,
And some that are a mess.

A lot of people are out there
There are a lot of people you see,
Good people that need our extra prayer,
This is what home means to me.

But one day one man came to me,
He smiled and had something in his hand,
He said words to me that I could not believe,
He has gave me a home, he has gave me an land.

He will help me and take care of me,
Until i can stand on my own,
I have a REAL home as your see,
Now i don’t feel so alone.

When that man left me that day,
I was sad but happy,
He said “ help anyone it any way.”
Than he gave me a puppy!

His name was “ Max” and he was a doll,
One day we walk by my old home where I sat,
But as we walked we saw someone small,
I sat down and started to chat.

Then I did something that someone did a long time ago,
I help that small man, i helped him back to health,
When I helped him, his smile glowed,
Then one day I left him with great wealth.

I smiled and I gave him Max,
He smiled back with amazing joy!
I told him to relax,
And said to Max good boy

Before I left I told that man
The same thing a man said so long ago,
“Try and help any way you can.”
And let the love show.