Grade 5



Home is more than four walls and windows; it is where we are born and raised. For me, it is where I played, laughed, cried and learned. It is where I grew to become a strong, intelligent and more confident in my future. Home is a place where you can always be yourself and laugh freely with your family members who always reciprocate the laughter. It is a place where your family is always nice. My home is filled with joy, peace, love and trust. It is also where I celebrate my birthdays and holidays with family.
However, in this world, there are many less fortunate people out there who don’t have homes. They have nowhere to go back to for comfort. They are always on the sidewalks with no loved ones in either extreme bitter colds or heat. People do not understand how hard it is to be out there alone on the streets. The homeless usually have no homes, food, drinks, blankets, pillows, good clothes or money. Most people who pass by these sidewalks usually do not even care about the homeless and will just ignore them or even be scared to go near to them. Homeless people usually just want some money for food or drinks which most people will not do .
I would love if people would respect the homeless and give them some money and LOVE. We should treat homeless people just like our family members and learn to love, respect and show joy and peace to them.
Home sweet home as they say and it is so true! How I wish everyone in this world would have a home they can call their own and to be as lucky as me 