Grade 5



Home is a supportive place. It is a safe place. It is also a place that has love. For me, home is a funny place. It’s a place where you celebrate your birthday parties and many other celebrations. It’s a place that has family and a lot of memories. home is a fun place and a warm place. In my home we have fun and we play and on every Friday we watch a movie altogether as a family and we eat popcorn and other snacks. What I love about home is that it’s a joyful place and I am always happy there. We bake and then eat what we baked. I have friends over and we play hide and seek and many other games, such as: Monopoly, Twister and Chess.

In conclusion I realize that without my home and my caring family I would be lost and I wouldn’t know what to do without them. That’s the reason why I wrote this article to help everyone or at least try to help everyone get a home and try to feel everything I feel in my home. It is such a wonderful thing to have a home and it would be tragic for anyone to lose theirs.