Grade 6

New Brunswick


Screeeeeach I hear as my sister unlocks the house. I yank open the front door trudge into my house drop my bag on the ground and drop down on the couch. After a long hard day of school I was finally home I think to myself as I lay in a hot beam of the sun. When I’m laying down I start thinking about lots of things but most of all I was thinking about….
What would my life be like if I didn’t have a place to go after a hard day, to feel safe or even in there was bad weather? Unfortunately some people don’t. Those people are called the homeless. They all never wanted this to happen but it’s not their fault. There like this because they made a wrong move in life like took too much drugs or couldn’t get a job because they didn’t study or listen well.
I think everyone deserves to have a place to feel warm, loved and a place to call home. I get up off the couch drag myself into my room and lay on my bed. Bonk! Bonk! I start hearing something that sounded like someone was knocking at my door very slowly.
When I look over I see one of my turtles ramming into the back of my tank where the background is. The background is under water in a little lake with plants and rocks. That got me thinking about, how much she must miss her own home out in the wild. I compared my turtles to the homeless and realized they are somehow a little alike. They both really miss their homes. But for the homeless it would be much harder because they don’t even have a safe place to sleep, relax and eat like my turtles.