Grade 6



The meaning of home
Many people in the world are lucky enough to say they have a house but others don’t have one. What many people don’t know is that a house is not always the definition of home.
What’s the meaning of a home to me?
It’s where you can find family, friends and many other things.
I am one of the luckiest people in the world to able to say that I have a home.
For me a home is a place you can say is yours, where you can find family, love, laughter and tears. It’ a place where you can say is safe and is a place of joy. It’s where you are not left alone. It’s a place where you will always have someone on your side.
It’s a place where you have celebrations, culture and your own traditions that you have built with the many years of being together.
At times, when I go out I look at those who live on the streets, and this horrible feeling starts to create itself in the pit of my stomach. When I see those in need, a bunch of thoughts come racing through my mind like that they don’t have a house. Sometimes they don’t even have a family or can’t even afford food.
My wish is that everyone could have a safe environment, where they feel comfortable, safe, loved and have joy. In other words, I hope that everyone has a place to call home.