Grade 5



Home, what is home? Home is a warm cozy place to live. It’s where love, happiness and laughter happen with your family. You can do whatever you want in your home because it’s your home, not your friends, neighbors, its your home.

The furnace keeps you warm in the winter. The fridge never let’s you go hungry. The roof keeps you dry when it is raining and the walls keep you protected from unfriendly things.

The most important thing in your home is memories, about all the times you had in your home. The happy things, the sad things and the funny things. In your home you feel safe and protected. Imagine all those memories got taken away from. You would feel super sad! Well, in the world some people have no home. No place to eat, sleep, and live life. So we should appreciate our home very much because some people don’t even have them.