Grade 5




I watch everyone walk past me,
Counting their money greedily
No one wants to help a 9 year old girl,
Who lives on the street all alone.
Till this day,

I am still an orphan,
I was walking around until
I overheard people talking about homes
What is a home? I thought.
It’s been long since I’ve been in a home….
A home where
My family and I shared so much memories,
memories I will keep in a safe.

My mother and father would always keep me secure.
They would shower me with
warm hugs, and lots of “I love you.”
when I open my eyes from a nightmare.
Whenever I mourn till my cheeks hurt,

My Mother would make my tears disappear
in the blink of an eye.
She would be there to encourage me to try again and go beyond my limit.
My Father would always pack me lunch,
making sure too that inside the home, I could dream in a comfy warm bed.

Most of all, I would have Love.
the love of a FAMILY…
“That could be my new home.”
I told myself.