Grade 6

New maryland
New Brunswick


Ava Wadden
November 4,2016
The buzzing of the school bell rings through my ears,school is over,and it’s time to go home. I race to my locker to get my rubber binders and loose leaf in my tin storage space. I get on a bright yellow school bus and sit on a gray wrinkly seat. The next thing I know I’m in front of my cozy cream colored house. I step into my house and think home, home is where memories are and happiness, coziness, where pets and family are and love.

I think of home as the best place in the world. Home is a place to have laughs and to be happy, loved and most of all safe. I see home as a chance to take risks and to try new things.I see home as to be a place where all people are allowed. And all emotions are allowed too,home, one of the most important places in the world.

When I think of home, I feel warm and safe. I think home as a place to be free and a place to just be you. When you do something wrong home is a safe place to learn how to become a better person.What I love about home is that you can be alone or with your family and friends. Home, a place where for sad days,happy days and mad days, home is full of love and good or bad memories.

I think home as a place where you can use your imagination.Home is a place where bad or great things can happen, but I think home as the most wonderful funnest place in the whole entire world. I think home as I sit down and eat my delicious supper.I feel happy when I’m in my safe and pretty house.Outside my house I swim,swing,jump on my rubber, bungie, circular platform and sleep in my sheltered tree house.

Home is where your loved and cared for in a magical way.A place where you learn from your mistakes,and a place for any kind of emotion.And a place where your warm and safe and a place to take risks. In my perfect world all of these things should be for everyone all around the world. This is why home is my favourite place in history!!!!!