Grade 5



Here are a few things you find in a home :

• Love
• Care
• Joy
• Happiness
• Kindness
• Emotions

A home is somewhere that you live with your family and maybe pets too. Two years ago I thought that a home and a house were the same thing. Then I asked my parents and they said that there is a big difference so I went on the internet and found so many differences.

I think that for the families that don’t have a home we can all work together to make as many homes that we can for the families that don’t have a home.

I would be so happy if almost all or all the families in Ontario and even all throughout Canada had a home. A home is the place where one lives with a caring family. A home is somewhere that protects you and your loved ones and also a place to make lots and lots of memories to always cherish .

I feel very thankful for having a home and also feel thankful for being able to tell people what I think about home and to tell people how lucky they are to have a home ,