Grade 6



Home is a word that everyone should know. To me it means where you were raised, but some people don’t have that luxury. Like the other day I saw a homeless woman at church, she had torn mitts, an old jacket and she had a hole on the left knee of her pants. And she had a sign saying have no home and can`t pay for food. I was so sad and my mom gave her $10 and she was so grateful she almost broke into tears.
I want to change this now. I might not be the best writer but I’m good with a hammer and I can help to build homes for people like the lady at church. And that is why I want to do this contest. I don’t care if I win it’s the thought that counts and even if I don’t win this is $10 going to another house and if I do win that’s $50,000 going to a house. So all I want for Christmas is for people with no home to have one.