Grade 5



Let me tell you about home.
Home is where you spend time with your family and have fun. Home is a fun place to be and a lovely place to sleep. There is no comfort anywhere else except your home. I love my home. It makes me happy and it’s my favourite place to be. Home is a safe place to be. It’s where you have lots of love from your family. I love being at home. It gives me lots of shelter. Home is a place where you have joy and happiness. I’m glad I have a home because I get to have fun with my family there.
I feel bad for the people who don’t have a home. How do they spend time together with their family? They are just stressed out because they have no shelter. Living at home Is so much fun. Today is the day I’m going to help the people who are so stressed out and unhappy. I’m going to help them to get shelter and a big smile on their face.