Grade 6



Home is where memories start and where they end. It is where I had my first birthday and my first Christmas. Home is a place with love and laughter and fun. It is my shelter and comfort zone. It’s also where my life started. Home is where we decorate for special holidays and birthdays and celebrate each holiday.

For some people home is different, like some people don’t have money. Or in case of some people who have personal problems home can be unpleasant for them. After all, home might be different to other people but it will always be the same happy place to me no matter what. Home will always be there for me as a place that I go to for support in difficult times.

It’s where I have fun with my friends. My parents are there to support me and guide me throughout my life, that is why I need a home and that is why I LOVE my home.

That is what my lovely home means to me!