Grade 5



Home. What is home? A place where love, memories begin and even end. There are your parents to love and care for you. When was the last time you did everything by yourself? Maybe never.
When you just move into a house everything seems new, almost foreign. But weeks, maybe days after it will become a home. Somewhere where it’s warn, cozy and homey.
I live in a 5 decade-year-old house where the bathroom tiles mold. But I still love it as my home. My friends’ homes, all fancy and such, are all pretty. I’d live in any of them but moving to their’s means I’m leaving all the happiness, memories and laughter away. All of it.
But these people don’t even know what feelings of home are. They’re marooned in the streets stumped on what to do. They’re cold, scared and confused to death. Imagine living in an alley with a jacket and boots on a cold Canadian winter day. They don’t even have a bit of comfort left in their soul.
So many have homes yet they don’t even have a house.