Grade 5



I will show you what a home is to me. A home is a place where you can be yourself home is a place where you feel welcome. It like you. It is in your own world and then your world is good. A home is where you get energy, relax and have your memories. Homes are places where your safe if there’s a burglar, rains or lightning. You are safe it there is fire a fire alarm will ring.
In my home, I keep my stuff my bed, my TV, my video games, my toys and so on. Homes provide you with water and storage for your food. It has a bed a couch where I can watch some TV.
Now I am going to talk about what home is for me. Everyday I play video games and I enjoy it much more at home because I feel that I`m at home. When I feel like I`m at home when I am already at home I enjoy it so much. I just laugh at what happens in my game. When I`m in bed from Monday to Friday I do not want to go to school. I just want to stay at home in my comfy bed.
Home is the best place in the entire world. l feel bad for people that do not have or do not remember what a home is. I never ever want to be separated from my home. I wish everyone could have a home.