Grade 5



Hello, my name is Alex Ruttan. I would like to tell you about homes are to me.
If you ask, what a home is? Well a home is a place not just to have fun, love and laugh. It is a place to grow and make memories, and play with friends.
The comfortable thing about a home is you can just sit or lie down and relax or even just shut your eyes and sleep. To help you be comfortable, the fluffy dog or cat sitting next to you and snuggling. A bed is what it’s called. You can’t have a bed with out somewhere to put it, my bedroom. My home is where I’d put my bed. The bedroom is where I rest, where I reflect on my day, where I take a break and where I sleep peacefully.
Love is hope and your home is love, so that means a home gives you hope, and that hope is life. I hope you enjoyed what I think is a home