Grade 5



My home is a place I love. It is full of hope. It makes me feel like I can do anything I want. I can express me
You learn to crawl and to walk. A home is more than just four walls and a roof it’s my house. At my home I live my life. It is where I cry, I hope and I dream.
It’s a place where nothing can hold you back. It is love, it is hope, it is beautiful and it’s my home. You can be happy you can be sad at your home. I love my home it is not like school. It’s a place; where I lay in my comfy bed, where I eat, where I sleep, it’s a place that that I always know.
To me I think of my home as a friend or a family member. Its where I escape my anger and just let it out. I will always love my home even when I move to a different place. It’s a place that that you can do anything you want to(except if your parents say no).
I love to watch movies at home. I love to cook and eat with, my family. Without a home I wouldn’t be able to do those things. I am happy to have a home no matter how big or small a home
A home no matter what. It is a place you can call your own.