Grade 6

New Brunswick


“Tyler shoot the ball” I scream from the other side of the road. “TING” Tyler hit the crossbar of the hockey net. “CRACK” the sound of Tyler’s hockey stick while he is slamming it over the culvert. In conclusion we all go inside for a break, because Tyler broke his stick. Me and Tyler race inside to the freezer, I get there first and take the last sweet revello. Tyler takes nothing and just runs down stairs, my brother Jonah gets a Popsicle with Tyler’s brother Ethan. My dad and grandfather just get huge glasses of water. All that fun in the summer and someone to help or race inside, you can find at home!

Home, this is not my home but the home of my grandparents and sometimes I do call it home. Just imagine it, stuck on the side of the road, nowhere to go and no home. Most homeless people spend all their money on things like cigarettes, drugs, gambling or just don’t have any money. You should be thankful for a home and everything you have like food, water, bed and everything else you have.

There is no question that I always feel really bad when a see homeless people walking on the side of the road, trying to find shelter. If you were stuck on the side of the road in winter, with a foot of snow, how would it feel walking through that with just some pants on and, no winter boots? Having no one to help you when you are in bad situations, no family or friends to help you when you need to survive.

Everyone is human when you look at a homeless person some people think that they are different, but they are not, they are just as much human as me and you. Boy or girl does not matter, it does not matter if they are part from a different place in the world, or even black or white, we are all the same.

When think of home you think a place where you can be who you are. Think about this, you’ve had a long day of school where some people won’t shut their mouths, ya that happens a lot to me. When you have a subject and you are trying to work then all of a sudden DDDDDDIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG the bell, and you get a whole night of freedom… until hockey season starts, but always remember “Life is like a box of chocolates you just never know what you are going to get”!