Grade 5



H – Is house changed into an awesome home
O – Is over the charts
M – Is mega place to live in
E – Is Extra ordinary

That is what a home is. Home is an ultimate place. A good house is a home.
The antidote to having a bully free house is a home. Therefore, that means your home is bully free. You are allowed your hobbies your household is full of people who love and care for you. It is a place to call home sweet home.
It has a nice comfortable bed that is better than place to sleep in peace, 100 times better than anywhere else is. You may have a pet that is loved by family. You will be comfortable. It can be loved. You could be yourself, loved, forgiven, safe, respected and secure.
A good house is home. A good home is memories of love, loveliness, happiness and celebrations. It is easy to have a house but it’s not easy to have a home for most.
A home means all to some but some do not have or have one to care for. Home has a heart your family’s heart. It is full of love and hope. It is warm in winter and cool for summer.
You learn, you grow and you always fit in. people will accept you as how you are and who you are. You will spend quality time with family. You will have privacy. You are loved and protected. You may be picked on at school and then come home unhappy, displeased and then you come home and you’re safe with your family.
For all these reasons your house is more than a house it’s a HOME.