Grade 6

Lac du Bonnet


Home is a place where you can wake up in the morning knowing that you got food in your fridge, water to drink, a family who can support you financially and emotionally, and a roof over your head. Now imagine waking up on a busy street with no food or water and barely any money. A home is cozy, it’s where you feel happy. Each home is unique and bursting with character, so a home is where you can show your uniqueness and character. A home is somewhere where you can make memories, the fun times, the sad times, the exiting moment, the scary moment. All are very important to you and mean something to you, just like a home means a lot to you. Home is where you go to get all the school and homework stress out. Home is where the childhood memories are made, the important moments like when you lost your first tooth, when you said your first word and when you held your first birthday party. Home is special, and I couldn’t imagine living without one. Home is nourishing. I am very grateful for what I have. And I want to help people so that they can have that grateful feeling.