Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador


What does home mean to me?
Home is a place that we all enjoy with laughter and love swirling around us every day.
Home is where pictures of good memories hang on the walls, when we were having fun with no worries at all.
Home is made from the people and things you love, where your kids, parents, pets, and loved ones are. Where you feel safe, happy, and belonging.
Home is where you have gatherings, where our family plays games, and where we cuddle up on the couch to watch TV. It is where we never feel alone.
Home is where our own special traditions, holidays, and celebrations take place, like when our cat Lexie sits on the table, trying to eat our food! Home is where we get to go to sleep in a nice cozy bed, dreaming good dreams.
Home is not always in those walls, roof and floor, it could be in a hotel, a rental house, a tent, and more!
Home is where the love, happiness, kindness and more importantly, it is where your family is!