Grade 6

New Brunswick


“Wake up” voice of my mom make my body slowly to move. My whole body can feels that hard day begins. There a warm food for me. There a water for shower I can feel safe.
I am ready for school.
Home is a place that I can feel safe and relaxing. Every after school and when I get back to the home I can feel safe and comfortable. I can see some massage on my phone from my mom and I texted back “I am home mom”. I seat on the soft couch and come down and take a break for 20 minutes. When I am think about my day, my brother coming back from after school activities. When my brother coming from after school activities I can feel lots safer than when I am home alone. Finally when my parents come I can feel my family is a one and home is a greatest place ever I can feel it.
There a lot of different families that living in the different houses. Some people living in big house some people living in small house. But same things is that everyone feel safe from their home and there feel comfortable and something good for them like love relaxing happiness. Good thing that we have a home is imagine that you don’t have a home. Lot of people think home is basic thing for them. But home is not basic thing for you we have to be thankful for our parent that gave us a home.
Home is personal place for you that no one judge you. This is reason if we have a home be thankful for having a home. I think everyone is same feel as me feel safe comfortable and relaxing. It is why there a word home made for and it is reason that home made for.
I think everyone should have place that don’t get judged. And that place is home to me. Also I think that place is home for lot of people. People have to have place like home. So people can live harder and work harder. Home is place that can have a break from hard day. What do you think?