Grade 4

British Columbia


Home is place, it can’t be bought. A house is just a roof and walls. I have comfort in my home, it is a nice, gentle,comforting home.
My home is fun, it takes care of all my toys,I can play outside and inside of my home. My home keeps memories of me, my sister, and the rest of my family, it has memories of me growing up.
My home is safe,it protects me from storms with thunder and lightning. I love my home it is safe.
Finally, I have my family in my home,i love my family,my mom, my dad, and sister, they mean a lot to me.
I love my home and I wish everyone could have a home with there family and the people they love.
I love my home just the way it is and I would never change it even if I could.
That is what a home means to me .