Grade 5



Home is a place like none other. We are happy to have comfort. It is where you belong. It is a very safe place. You should be happy in your home. We have warmth and security. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to not be safe. When you open the door to your home it’s where you belong. A place you look back and never forget. You should be happy, and not everyone is. Let’s live at a house with love and warmth.

I can’t believe it that some people don’t own much. Home should be where everyone lives as everyone should have a home. It is where light is and not darkness. I crawl and wander around in my home and I’m free. Where other people just sit and hope for a home and they have nowhere to go. Let’s give them something worth a lot. Please, these families are not so happy. Let’s make them cheerful and proud. I’m happy I live like this and so should they.
When I think of home I put that picture in my head, my loving place, my home. Let’s have everyone have their own happy place, I know we can help. Once everyone has a home we all can be happy for years to come.