Grade 5



Home is a place where I can come home from school, throw off my shoes, and jump onto the coach. I feel warm, relaxed, and safe. The one moment I wish I could feel whenever I wanted. But I know I can’t stay there forever, so I get up and that warm, soft couch is gone. But I feel something else, something very familiar. I still feel warm and soft but not the kind you feel on a couch. I feel this magical thing inside my body. I close my eyes and feel the memories inside of me burst open. Suddenly I hear the front door open. Its dad and I hug him like crazy. I feel like I need to tell him a memory. The memory I want to share transforms into my throat, I start talking and I can’t stop because I’m not controlling it. Once I stopped sharing my memory I ask dad where mom was. Dad said “She’s downstairs”. I run downstairs thumping like an elephant. I immediately see my brother. As I get closer to the laundry room, I get more excited. That feeling is coming back again. I see my mom and it bursts open again. All of the memories come back again. I hug mom. The feeling gets stronger every time I feel it it’s like there’s a hole in my heart, and it gets filled up when I come home. Home is a place where family and my heart is. People who don’t have a home are missing part of their heart. That’s why everybody that has a home should help people who don’t have a home. So everybody has a full heart in the end. If I win I will choose Brantford because that’s where my family and part of my heart is.