Grade 6

New Brunswick



Here I was at my stop, New Maryland. I marched from my stop all the way to my

beautiful home. When I was at my home, I stared at my brown house, yellow appealing flowers

and the grey pavement. I went inside my home feeling miserable. I shuffled to my living room

with a groan. I sat on the couch and thought about what I just saw, my home. I was glad that my

parents had money, education, and jobs. Without that I would probably be like those homeless

people streets, crying for help to get shelter and money. It’s not their fault that they are homeless.

maybe their parents died, or their houses were bombed.

Homeless means people who have no food, no water, and live in unsafe, cold places with no

shelter. Home means a place that has food, water, safe, in a place that has shelter.

Canada is a exquisite place, but not everyone has a home. In fact, there are

approximately 200000 homeless people in Canada. In the rich, huge, cities (Toronto, Montreal,

Vancouver, and more) you might see homeless people on the streets. Homeless

people sleep on the streets, asking for food, water, money. People are too lazy to

help them. That is not what we want! We want to help them get a home!

When we walk by and see homeless people, we should not treat them like it’s their fault, we

should treat them like humans. However, if you see a homeless person you should give him/her

resources. we should give them to get food, water, and money so they can afford a little home,

and let them live their lives.

Being homeless isn’t fun. Why? Well not trying to be rude, but you don’t want to let your

stomach growl for food for a long time, and let your lips turn white dry out . You also

don’t want to be sleeping on cold hard ground, and be treated like you have been left out.

It’s not fun to be a person sitting on the streets and being ignored. It’s like you are a plain white

ghost calling for help but no one is listening to you, you are treated like you are a different


Homeless people are not just normal ordinary people. They are people without a home.

Without a home you are not safe, you’re not hydrated, warm, and you’re not really healthy.

When you see homeless people don’t treat them like it’s their fault, we help them to give

them resources. Give them food, water, maybe even a little home for resources. However, try

your best to give them the ability so they can live. We do not want to see people losing their lives

in streets and people start complaining. We are not that type of people! We are people that are

kind- hearted to other people. Especially homeless people.