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My house may be old, but my home is not. I might have a few bricks out of its socket, but it is still sturdy. Home is comfortable and cozy. It is a place where I can feel impregnable and protected by my parents. Home is a place where I am loved and free.

I feel sad for the people who do not have a home or family. All people should have a home but sadly others don’t. By raising money for the people in need every one should have a home. Any spare change can help. The people who do not have a home are usually in big cities and are not treated well. There are animal shelters and there are people shelters?

My house has vines on it but the vines protect me from bad people who try to break in and see my valuables. Although this is not my first home I used to live in California. I am fortunate to live this life but others are not so fortunate. Other countries do not have freedom and they have to live isolated from the world. Everyone should have a home, even the homeless. When I am older I would like to start a charity that helps homeless. Everyone should have a home because that is where the heart is.