Grade 5



Home to me is a place you can remember.
It is cozy, loving, cheering, joyful, family and freedom.
Cozy makes me think of home because it reminds me of going under my soft warm covers and cuddling with my family.
Joyful makes me think of home because even when you are sad there is always a way to cheer you up at home.
When I think of home I also think of freedom.
You never feel trapped you always have freedom.
You can go in your back yard and explore and feel the grass beneath your toes. When I think of home I think of family.
There is never a time when you should feel alone always remember you have family.
Cozy, warm, friends, family, joy and cheer just know you can call it home.
But some people can’t call anything home because the don’t have one.
They can’t make memories feel cozy feel joyful or be happy.
Just remember when you see someone without a home remember they want to feel the love so help so they can feel the love we feel to.