Grade 5



When I think of home, I think of hope. Hope that everyone will have a home. A place they feel welcome, a place they can stay, a place they can sleep, a place where they can do anything they want. Everyone needs this and it can be anything. A tent, a house, a car, a box, it can be anything. But not everyone has a place they feel welcome or a place they can stay. You can sometimes find these people roaming in the streets looking for help. So we should give them help. Everyone needs a home no matter who they are. I also think of home as a place that you’re excited to go to at the end of the day, a place that gives you a rush of joy, a place that you have family. It can also be a place where you feel the most relaxed.

This is really important and we should start to take action and get everyone a home. Everyone deserves one. Everyone needs one. That’s what home means to me and everyone should have a idea of home in a similar way. So when they think of home they think of the place they go, the place they stay, the place they sleep and the place they’re safe. That is what everyone deserves but that isn’t the case for everyone because not everyone has a home a place they can go, a place they can stay, a place they sleep or a place they feel safe. That should not happen. Home is a place where we all belong.