Grade 6



You think that a home is a normal place that we live in, but its not. Do you know the real meaning of home?

Not everyone likes moving to different houses, but at one point your okay with it. Why? Its because you make that new house into your new home. What that means is you get more and more comfortable when you go to sleep and wake up each and everyday, seeing all your stuff unpacked and your family waiting for you to start the day.

The cost for houses have grown so high! Some hardworking families have a choice between getting other resources like food, water, child care or the time and money for paying the rent for their homes. Some of those families might not like what situation they are in but they always know that hey are together. Family is home.

A home can capture important memories like pictures, items, and maybe even new family members.

In conclusion, a home is important to all of us, even if you are going through some tough times. So moving to a new house will be no problem if you have your family.